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  • "Our community programme has certainly raised the profile of the Society locally. More importantly, however, it has afforded satisfaction to both our management and staff by giving them the opportunity to put back something into the community in which they both work and live."
    John Reeve
    Chief Executive
    Family Assurance Friendly Society
  • "Marlborough Stirling's work in the community has brought very meaningful benefits to our business. Our staff are involved in a wide range of community projects. The net result is that we believe that team working has improved our overall business environment. Our staff feel "chuffed" that they have been able to make a positive contribution to the community, and are proud that their company has made it possible."
    Huw Evans
    Executive Chairman
    Marlborough Stirling
  • "This year is MGM�s 150th anniversary so we decided to do something which involved greater collaboration with the local community. One thing that has been particularly remarkable is the excellent response we have had from the staff. Already more than 100 out of 250 staff members have signed up to be involved in our community programme, and I am confident this will expand."
    Gerard Healy
    Chief Executive
    MGM Assurance

Support we can give

  • Review – current activities and make recommendations
  • Research – employee survey to understand level of interest
  • Identify – projects that will bring early success
  • Discuss – local needs with the community
  • Liaise – with management and employees to gain their support
  • Measure – ensure effective processes are in place to monitor the success of the company’s community programme
  • Manage – the community programme to a successful completion

Benefits to your company

  • Recognition – an opportunity to market your company as an active member of the local community
  • Employee Satisfaction – increase in motivation and retention
  • Enhanced Reputation – increased recruitment opportunities
  • Broaden – the level of employee skills
  • Support – company training and development needs
  • Positive PR –increased awareness and profile of your company
  • Business Opportunities – will develop because of the company’s positive community involvement

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