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Corporate Community Involvement

Corporate Community Involvement

Corporate Community Involvement is about companies and their employees taking an active role in their community. This could involve, fundraising for charity, developing partnerships with local schools, working with the elderly, disadvantaged young people, local charities, voluntary organizations and enabling employees to share their skills and time with these organizations by taking an active role in their community.

Companies have found that a well managed community programme can:

  • Enhance the skills of employees
  • Increase employee morale and loyalty
  • Raise the profile and reputation of your company

Support we can give

  • Review – current activities and make recommendations
  • Research – employee survey to understand level of interest
  • Identify – projects that will bring early success
  • Discuss – local needs with the community
  • Liaise – with management and employees to gain their support
  • Measure – ensure effective processes are in place to monitor the success of the company’s community programme
  • Manage – the community programme to a successful completion

Benefits to your company

  • Recognition – an opportunity to market your company as an active member of the local community
  • Employee Satisfaction – increase in motivation and retention
  • Enhanced Reputation – increased recruitment opportunities
  • Broaden – the level of employee skills
  • Support – company training and development needs
  • Positive PR –increased awareness and profile of your company
  • Business Opportunities – will develop because of the company’s positive community involvement

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