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Support we can give

  • Review – current activities and make recommendations
  • Research – employee survey to understand level of interest
  • Identify – projects that will bring early success
  • Discuss – local needs with the community
  • Liaise – with management and employees to gain their support
  • Measure – ensure effective processes are in place to monitor the success of the company’s community programme
  • Manage – the community programme to a successful completion

Benefits to your company

  • Recognition – an opportunity to market your company as an active member of the local community
  • Employee Satisfaction – increase in motivation and retention
  • Enhanced Reputation – increased recruitment opportunities
  • Broaden – the level of employee skills
  • Support – company training and development needs
  • Positive PR –increased awareness and profile of your company
  • Business Opportunities – will develop because of the company’s positive community involvement

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horton communications limited
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t: 01892 523582
e: enquiries@hortoncommunications.co.uk
w: http://www.hortoncommunications.co.uk